Udejo Quartus

Population: 500 Million

Tithe Grade: Exactus Minoris

Geography: General climate temperate. Four main continents – heavy temperate forest North-Eastern landmass, mild savanna Western landmass, heavy temperate forest South-Western landmass, desert Southern pole. Remainder of surface covered in ocean (moderate pollution). One moon (Berth, a penal moon).

Government Type: Feudal Monarchy

Planetary Governor: King Gareman Fontaine

Adept Presence: Very Low. Administratum (Acreage).

Military: The armies of various warlords. Moderate mercenary presence.

Trade: Ghostfire pollen is the primary purpose of the planet.


Dominated by various warlords and monarchies, Udejo Quartus is a planet constantly in upheaval. The only importance that this planet has to the Imperium is its supply of Ghostfire.

The warlords of Udejo Quartus are constantly warring over the supply of Ghostfire for every five years, the Administratum requires a tithe of Ghostfire. The Administratum then exchanges weapons, vehicles, fuel, etc. for the flowers. Therefore, the warlord that brings in the most Ghostfire receives the most equipment and supplies which allows him/her more power.

The Administratum fully supports this bloody system. The Ghostfire is harvested so efficiently because the warlords fight to find every single blossom. Should the Administratum attempt bringing Udejo Quartus under its control, the planet would have to be conquered by the Imperial Guard, that would be a very bloody affair. Furthermore, the Administratum would have nowhere near the vigor of the warlords in harvesting the flower. Therefore, the Administratum decided it was best to leave the planet in blood. They take comfort in knowing that the planet will never rebel from the Imperium as it depends upon the Imperium for its weapons.

Cities of Note

  1. Acreage
  2. Persing

People of Note

  1. King Edward Fontaine
  2. Prince Edward Fontaine II
  3. The Marquis Serge DuFrente
  4. Duke Bismark Norrington

Udejo Quartus

Champions of Narcissus Persing