Narcissus Sector

A sector on the frontiers of the Imperium, it is located in the Segmentum Obscurus, very near the Calixis Sector. The territory was first colonized by Saint Victor Rensythe approximately twelve hundred years ago.

Being a frontier sector, Narcissus is very far from the heart of the Imperium. Having so much distance from Holy Terra prevents the support that other, more closely located, sectors receive. As is anywhere in the Imperium, the Narcissus Sector is beset by war, mutation, xenos, daemons, the warp, heresy, etc, but without the heavy support of the Imperium, the Narcissus Sector must defend itself. When considering this, it is a miracle that the Sector still exists, thank the Throne.

The Sector Capital of Nautilus, where Sector Governor Elrath Mark (formal title Lord Narcissus) resides, is located in the sub-sector of Golgorath.

The Narcissus Sector consists of nine regions:
  1. Caliph Reach
  2. Adrian Marches
  3. Volverus
  4. Atreides
  5. Alia’s Run
  6. Golgorath
  7. Harkonnen
  8. Canopus Marches
  9. Scarlet Marches

Narcissus Sector

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