Champions of Narcissus

New Friends?

Retreating from their small skirmish, the cell started down the street, but before they could go they encounter two rather unusual people: one of them is wearing a ratty cloak and has a brilliant electoo denoting him as a sanctioned Imperial psyker. The other, a woman, is wearing the uniform of the Adeptus Arbites and is holding the psyker with handcuffs.

The woman asked what happened as she glared at the three potential acolytes. As they tried to explain, they let slip that they were with the Inquisition. The woman demanded proof, which the cell does not have. As they argue with the woman, a group of men dressed in chainmail and green tabards with yellow trim approach. They were carrying pikes and looked angry. Two of them were in a small hover Gator.

When the troops reached the cell, one of them got off and approached the cell. “You have been causing quite a ruckus, I see,” he said, “I think you should come with us, the Marquis does not like when people cause trouble in his domain.” The cell protested but they went along, the woman and psyker went as well.

As they head towards the castle, the woman said that she must see the Marquis to present the P-2 form to him. The captain of the guard, Arthur, said that he will take her and her prisoner to a room to await the Marquis. As soon as Arthur said this, the Marquis’s car went driving south past the group as they walked toward the castle. The woman introduced herself as “L” and the psyker as Virgil. When they arrived at the castle, the two of them were taken to a special room and the acolyte cell was taken to a special “holding area” by the man driving the Gator, Telford.

For some reason, “L” and Virgil go to the “holding area” and subdue Telford. They open the cell (which Telford failed to lock), and tried to flee the castle. Wolfe takes one of the castle guard’s uniforms and grabbed a pike from the armory. The four of them steal a hover-Gator and head for Acreage. As they approached the city, however, it is discovered that the Administratum Counting-House was been bombed and is on fire. They neared the area to see people fleeing the burning building and being taken to a nearby monastery for care. Floating above the burning building is a man wearing a green cape and a green and white mask. This man grabs a rope dangling from a floating ornithopter and flies north.

“L” decided that it would be a good idea to question some of the survivors from the Counting-House bombing. She finds that the monastery acts as a local “hospital” and goes to a nurse for questioning. The nurse, being in the middle of saving a wounded man’s life, brushes “L” off. “L” shoots the patient and burns the nurse’s head with the hot barrel of her gun. The nurse, terrified, points “L” towards the people that were fleeing the burning Counting-House. They knew nothing about what happened. Angered, “L” left.

The cell went to a local tavern and inn to try to learn more. Instead, they get into a fight with each other. Virgil and “L” severely wound each other, thinking that the two of them were dead, Lupus and Wolfe take the two of them to the Interrogator’s ship. They learn that Virgil and “L” are not dead, just severely injured. Furthermore, “L” finally learns that Lupus and Wolfe spoke the truth, they were with the Inquisition.

A Cell Assembles

Taken from their homes, jobs, and families; Wolfe, Lupus, and “Bones” were gathered upon a great ship by mysterious men. For what, they didn’t know. On board the ship, they met up with Remith and Bael, two other people taken on board by the mysterious men.

The crew of the ship informed them that they had landed on the hive planet of Callysta of the Atreides sub-system. As they got off, they were met by an old man, Drake Eisen. Drake led them to an office building where, after going through a maze of maintenance paths, they met Inquisitor Cain Rodriguez.

Rodriguez asked if they would join him in purging the sector of heretics. He asked if they would join the Inquisition. They accepted, and Cain asked several questions of them. Remith answered wrongly and was executed by Eisen, who it is revealed, is one of Rodriguez’s Interrogators.

Eisen takes them back to the spaceport where they get on another ship headed towards the planet Udejo Quartus of the Caliph Reach sub-sector, a ninety day standard journey.

On board, Eisen trained them in the methods of the Inquisition. As they neared the spaceport in the city of Acreage Eisen gave this new cell one last warning, “You are of the Inquisition, not the Adeptus Arbites. It is not your job to level this town to the ground. Your job is to complete the mission.” He then proceeded to give the cell their mission: “There are rumors of heresy on this planet. I need you to identify and deal with it. The last rumors stated that this heretic was located in the city of Persing, just north of here. Should you require information or assistance, I have an informant named Isaac. He resides in the slums of this town. Good luck, consider this your graduation test: pass and you shall become Acolytes in the cadre of Inquisitor Rodriguez.”

The cell left their ship and set out into the town of Acreage. Looking somewhat out of place in his Temple Guard uniform, Lupus decided that he and Bael should secure more native clothing. The two asked a woman walking by if she could direct them to the nearest clothing store. She did and so Lupus tipped her with a single throne gelt. The woman, having never received such a quantity of money in one day, thanked Lupus profusely. She promised to tell her friends all about his kindness.

Wolfe and Bones met a man that seems rather suspicious. He seemed to know something of this heretic. They pressed him for information and find out that there is a courier heading out of Acreage to deliver a message to the heretic in Persing. Wolfe told the man that if he gave the information that they needed, the man would be guaranteed safety. By the end of the conversation, the man realized that Wolfe had no intention of granting that safety so he walked off, knowing that he would die soon.

Meanwhile, Lupus and Bael found another person that seemed to know of this heretic. They went into an ally and pressed him for information, he refused to budge and got in a fight with Lupus. Wolfe and Bones heard this commotion and went over towards the fight. Two more of those heretics blocked them from reaching Lupus. Fighting ensued with Wolfe taking severe injuries, but they managed to kill two of the heretics before leaving.


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