Welcome to the Narcissus Sector!

The 41st millennium is not a happy place, especially for the Imperium of Man. Heretics spread words of filth in an attempt to sever the people from their God-Emperor, Xenos ravage and corrupt anything and everything that they can find, and the Daemons of the Warp are striving to escape their bonds and wreak havoc upon the physical plane. It is a grim universe. A universe in which men have little chance of survival. A universe in which only the strong can flourish.

The Narcissus Sector is part of the Imperial frontier. It is a model Imperial territory on the surface, loyal and strong, but dig deeper and one can discover a sector ravaged by deception and secret wars.

From petty political squabbles to Daemonic invasion, the Sector is filled with strife. Were these conflicts to surface, the results could be disastrous to the continued survival of the Narcissus Sector, the Imperium, and even the Emperor himself.

Only one entity is capable of holding these troubles from destroying the race of men:


Join the brave men and women of the Narcissus Conclave in their mission to protect and preserve the Imperium!

Champions of Narcissus